Private ASG1 for group of 4 (Select your DATE!)

Private ASG1 for group of 4 (Select your DATE!)

Avalanche Science

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This is a private 2-day ASG1 course for four participants.

It is basically a two introduction to backcountry travel, two days of rescue instruction and practice, and identification of avalanche terrain skills.

$450  per person for parties of six (6).

Avalanche Science ASG2 course includes 3 field days, 4 hours of interactive classroom, and 8 hours of online material.

Prerequisite: rent or own backcountry gear. Two days of moderate physical exertion. 


ASG1 is a TWO day field course designed for backcountry newcomers.

This course prepares participants to tour with more experienced partners. Participants recognize bad decisions. Perform single victim companion rescue in less than 5 minutes for a D2 size avalanche.

You will also learn about GEAR! ... backpack selection, content, and packing. What rest ue gear you need. The learning span from layering to skin care, and best binding systems for you.

Course Details

Target Participants:

First time backcountry skiers or with limited experience.

Format: 2-field days, 1 day of online/classroom


Introduction to backcountry touring

2-Day Companion Rescue fundamentals and practice

Backcountry protocols and rituals.

Identification of avalanche terrain.


2 field Days at Mores Creek Summit - Idaho City Mountains

4 hours online and interactive classroom session.

Small Groups with maximum size of 4 participants per session