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Avalanche Courses + Guiding

ASG can take you to the best powder skiing

Locations and dates of courses are carefully selected to offer course participants with the best snow and riding conditions.  Our unique small class size allow us to provide a unique personalized learning experience and easily satiate your hunger for high quality backcountry touring.

Avalanche Education Redefined

Avalanche Science's courses are designed for people seeking complete instruction and preparation for traveling safely in avalanche terrain, including backcountry skiers, boarders, and snowmobilers.

Avalanche Education Redefined

Participants will learn about decision-making, situational awareness, risk assessment, and the fundamental physics behind snow metamorphism—why avalanches happen.

Avalanche Education Redefined

Effectiveness of the instruction is enhanced by limiting lectures and field work to very small group sizes of six participants per course.

Avalanche Education Redefined

Avalanche Science courses consist of four hours of online instruction, eight hours of lecture by an expert snow scientist, and 20 hours of field work amid some of the best backcountry glades skiing found anywhere. 


PBS Terra Documentary of Avalanche Science Research at Mores creek Summit

Go to 4:10 minute mark for the start of Avalanche Science and BSU research activities at Mores Creek Summit

Boise Weekly

Boise Weekly

French TV: Islande, Echappées Belles


"Top notch Avalanche education from a top notch educator right in your backyard boise! Boise has been needing this for a looooong time."

Greg Call, Professional Photographer

"This guy is a phenomenal instructor and this is a great opportunity to learn about snow."

Dave Bingaman, Avalanche Forecaster

"I learned more during my Avalanche Level 2 course with Chago than in the previous 15 years of backcountry skiing."

Michael Lanza, Creator of TheBigOutside.com

"Chago combines his PhD level snow science background with his deep passion for skiing and people to deliver education that you will not forget. It's not often that courses are as enjoyable as they are educational. Highly recommended!"

Vince Boelema - Ski Instructor and staff trainer. Sem Walls - Ski Instructor Examiner and New Zealand National Demo Team

Skiing with Chago is like purchasing a BMW. You know you are going to be safe and have style"

Ryan Burr - Elementary School Teacher

I just finished a course with these guys. Very passionate and great instruction.
Mores Creek Summit is definitely a hidden treasure you’d get to explore as an added bonus.

Ryan Bentley - Program Manager at Youth Dynamics Adventures and Soldier Mountain Ski Patroller

Chago connected sub-nanometer phenomena (shape and properties of water molecules) through millimeter scale (sintering, faceting) to explain what triggers an avalanche hundreds of meters in size. This was fascinating.

Brendan Flynn - Completed Avi L1 during his first 3-days of Backcountry Skiing ever!

Chago was fun to work with and gave me instructions that made me feel confident and aware.

Lucy Hedges - Completed Introduction to Safe Travel In Avalanche Terrain and Avalanche Rescue Course

"Chago is a great mountain guide. He knows a lot about snow, is very nice and interesting and give you good tools to analyze the terrain." Laureline Magnin, project manager in sustainable development

Laureline Magnin, Sustainable Development Manager, Geneva-Switzerland

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