REC2+ Agosto 22-25 (Volcan Lonquimay)

REC2+ Agosto 22-25 (Volcan Lonquimay)

Avalanche Science

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REC2+ Course - Malalcahello, Chile

Fundamentals of Avalanche Forecasting and Risk Assessment for Teams traveling in Complex Avalanche Terrain

Course venue depending on groups preference:

1) La Parva, Chile

2) Malalcahuello, Chile

Learning Outcomes for REC2+ Course:

1. Enhance REC1+ advanced training in avalanche companion rescue techniques with multiple victim scenarios and triage.
2. Review REC1+ concepts:
      • Recognize avalanche terrain, develop a systematic method for avalanche risk assessment, and execute safe travel plans.
      • Science of snow crystals, metamorphism, and slab avalanche fracture mechanics.
      • Understand the impact of weather in the snowpack. Track precipitation, wind, and temperature critical thresholds driving stability.
      • Reliable identification of slab and weak layer structures in snow pits. Characterize snowpack structure reactivity with basic stability tests.
    3. Become proficient with AAA SWAG nomenclature, snow/weather/avalanche observation recording. Understand SWE.
    4. Generate snow pit hardness and temperature profiles. Relate season weather history with snowpack structure and layering.
    5. Target standard and non-standard stability tests to various avalanche problems.
    6. Competent in the application of avalanche release conceptual model and the integration of danger diagrams to asses risk in complex avalanche terrain during trip planning.

      The REC2+ is a comprehensive preparatory course for the next professional developmental step; the AAA PRO1.

      Prerequisite: Able to ski powder snow and familiar with ski touring (on skis or split-board) equipment.

      Pre-course material: 4-hour online

      Course Format: 32 hours (4-day). One day of classroom with three days of field work and backcountry ski touring.