Avalanche Science Introduction to Backcountry  (February 26-27, 2022)

Avalanche Science Introduction to Backcountry (February 26-27, 2022)

Avalanche Science

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This product is designed for newcomers to the backcountry. The pace is relaxed!!!

Participants learn the fundamentals of safe travel in avalanche terrain.

Avalanche companion rescue is included.

Avalanche Science REC1 course includes 2 field days, 4 hours of interactive classroom, and 4 hours of online material.

This is NOT a private course. Each participant register individually.

The REC1 course includes Avalanche Level 1 and the NEW AAA Rescue module.


    Able to ski powder snow and familiar with ski touring (on skis or split-board).

    Ski tour 2 consecutive days for a cumulative total of 6,000 vertical feet.

    Pre-course material:

    2-hour online

    Course Format:

    2 days of fieldwork and backcountry ski touring at Mores Creek Summit, Idaho City.

    4-hour interactive classroom session with an instructor.

    4-hours online video and multimedia material.

    Learning Outcomes:

    1. Introduction to companion rescue.
    2. Safe travel in avalanche terrain; protocols, rituals, and human factors. 
    3. Recognize avalanche terrain and the role of slope angles.
    4. Effective utilization of institutional avalanche forecasts.
    5. Become familiarized with avalanche formation and release fundamentals.
    6. Understand the impact of critical weather factors in the snowpack. 
    7. Identification of slab and weak layer structures in snow pits. Characterize snowpack structure reactivity with basic reactivity tests.
    8. Enjoy winter touring and riding at Mores Creek Summit.