Avalanche Education Redefined

Avalanche Science's Level 1 courses are designed for those expecting excellence in their education. You will learn about decision making, situational awareness, risk assessment, and the fundamental physics behind snow metamorphism.

Avalanche Science has a unique program that bundles Level 1 and Companion Rescue courses during a 3-day weekend program. There is no need anymore to postpone sharpening your companion rescue skills or prolonging your avalanche education through multiple weekends.

Avalanche Science's Level 1 and Companion Rescue course is an intensive and demanding program. It exceeds 32 hours of directed instruction. The effectiveness of the instruction is enhanced by limiting the courses to very small group sizes during lectures and fieldwork.

Avalanche Science courses consist of 4 hours of online education, 8 hours of lecture by a snow scientist, and 20 hours of fieldwork surrounded by some of the best glade skiing found anywhere. 

The courses benefit from unparallel glade skiing with consistent powder conditions, while it is conveniently located just 50 miles away from Boise, the capital of Idaho. Register at one of our educational programs and discover the Boise Mountains in Central Idaho.