Avalanche Science Bitacora
Avalanche Science Bitacora

Avalanche Science Bitacora


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Waterproof Field Journal for field planning, recording observations, and risk management while traveling in avalanche terrain.

The order includes enough accordion folded forms for 10 trips. Please provide a mail address. This product is not shipped outside the USA.

Additional Information:

The “Bitacora” field book uses an accordion design that improves the review process and data flow. This innovative pagination better integrates all the steps necessary to assess before a ski tour into individual panes. The “Bitacora” includes panes for regional and local avalanche forecasts, risk assessment, weather forecasts, and critical weather factors, snowpack development, and more – all of which produces a mindful, operational and, we believe, a well-rounded trip plan. At the same time, the trip-plan transitions into a trip checklist and field observation panes. The panes are not limited to snow pit profiles, temperature profiles, or other weather and avalanche related panes, but also includes a Team/Human factor observation pane. Last, the compact size and format of the “Bitacora” fit better in ski pants and coats allowing for easier access.