Pyrenees Avalanche Science PRO1+

Avalanche Science PRO1 +

Snow Technician Course (Curso de Tecnologo Niveo)


Course Outline:

1) SWAG nomenclature, stability tests, and observations recording of avalanches, test results, snowpack, snow, and weather.

2) Risk Assessment:  Avalanche Conceptual model, AM/PM Operational forms, Job Hazard Analysis, IEC/DIS 31010.

3) Snow Technician. Advanced metamorphism, snow instrumentation (temperature, density, crystal identification, and dielectric measurements). Advanced Topics; snow metamorphism and fracture mechanics.

3) Professional Avalanche Rescue.

4) Field and classroom testing: Multiple victim rescue, Avalanche Path Characteristics, Avalanche Classification, AM/PM forms, Snow Pit craftsmanship and profile recording, stability tests, weather observations, SWE measurements.



Avalanche Level 1 and 2 or equivalent regardless of country of origin.

Professional membership at Avalanche Organization, Mountain Guiding Association, or Ski Organization.

Two years of field observation and recording of snow profiles. Provide a sample of field notes with snow profile or a letter of recommendation from Avalanche Professional.



6-day, 50 hours course taught in Spanish.



Tavascan, Spain



Chago Rodriguez (AAA Certified Instructor, AAA PRO Instructor)

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