International Private Group REC 1+ or REC2+ Course

International Private Group REC 1+ or REC2+ Course

Avalanche Science

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Before placing an order for this avalanche course contact Avalanche Science to check for availability and dates.

Avalanche Courses are offered in English in Romania and Pyreness

Avalanche Courses are offered in English in Chile, Argentina and Pyreness

This is a PRIVATE group Avalanche Science REC1+ or REC2+ course

Maximum of 6 Participants

Includes Avalanche Science Comprehensive Rescue module

  • 4-Day Avalanche REC1+ or REC2+ course, with a total of 32 hours of classroom and fieldwork that exceeds the American Avalanche Association guidelines of 24 hours.
  • Gain an understanding of avalanche beacon technology and receive advanced training in avalanche companion rescue techniques.
  • Learn to recognize avalanche terrain, develop a systematic method for avalanche risk assessment, and execute safe travel plans.
  • Become familiar with the science of snow crystals, metamorphism, and slab avalanche fracture mechanics.
  • The REC1+ and REC2+ are designed for aspirant professionals. Both courses are preparatory courses for the next professional developmental step, the AAA PRO1.
  • Low instructor-to-student ratio with small course size.
  • Lead Instructor: Chago Rodriguez - Certified AAA Instructor, AAA PRO Instructor, Snow and Avalanche Scientist.  Avalanche Science assistant instructors are seasoned avalanche professionals, backcountry ski guides, and AAA PRO members.

    Prerequisite: Be able to ski tour (on skis or split-board).

    Pre-course material: 4-hour Avalanche Science online content.

    Course Format: 4-day

    Contact Information: +1-208-473-6532,