REC1+  August 8-11 (Malalcahuello-Chile)

REC1+ August 8-11 (Malalcahuello-Chile)

Avalanche Science

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REC1+ Course - Malalcahuello, Chile

Fundamentals of Situational Awareness and Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of avalanche beacon technology and receive advanced training in avalanche companion rescue techniques.
  • Safe travel in avalanche terrain; protocols, rituals, and human factors.
  • Recognize avalanche terrain and the role of slope angles. Estimating and measuring slope angles.
  • Introduce Avalanche Release Conceptual model and develop a systematic method for avalanche risk assessment and execution of safe travel plans.
  • Gain understanding about the science of snow crystals, metamorphism, and slab avalanche fracture mechanics.
  • Understand the impact of weather in the snowpack. Track precipitation, wind, and temperature critical thresholds driving stability.
  • Target observations relevant to the avalanche problem of the day.
  • Reliable identification of slab and weak layer structures in snow pits. Characterize snowpack structure reactivity with basic stability tests.

FORMAT: 4-Day Level 1 Avalanche Training with 8 hours of classroom and 24 hours of field work that exceeds the American Avalanche Association guidelines of a total of 24 hours.