AIARE Avalanche Level 1: March 23-25 2019 at Tavascan-Spain

AIARE Avalanche Level 1: March 23-25 2019 at Tavascan-Spain

Avalanche Science

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The course is taught in English and tailored for International audiences and/or bundled with other ski guiding products.

Avalanche Science Level 1 Course Module Learning Outcomes:

  • Competent in developing a systematic plan for ski tours in avalanche terrain based in the integration of Situational Awareness into the Decision Making framework.
  • Use maps to identify avalanche terrain, assess avalanche risk, and select safe routes.
  • Understand regional avalanche forecast products and produce local/zonal avalanche forecast.
  • Familiar with Snow, Weather, and Avalanche Guidelines (SWAG Standards).
  • Top notch observer of snowpack, weather, and avalanches.
  • Efficient recording of relevant observations.
  • Recognize avalanche types and their characteristics.
  • Understand the impact of weather in the snowpack development.
  • Understand slab avalanches release and fracture mechanics.
  • Able to track snowpack structure and test for reactivity.
  • Versed in backcountry uphill and downhill travel techniques, group management, and risk reduction practices. 
  • Employ teamwork and communication to mitigate human factors heuristics and biases during trip planning and execution.
  • Reliable avalanche victim rescuer. Capable of consistent single victim rescue times below 5 minutes.

Course Format: 3-day, Friday through Sunday, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM

Course Prerequisite:

1) Be able to ski tour (on skis or split-board) and tour as much as 3,000 vertical feet per day.

2) Three antenna avalanche transceiver. Less than 3-year old. 

3) Metal shovel with an extendable handle

4) 3-meter Probe.

5) Backpack with avalanche rescue compartment.

6) Snow Saw -

7) Digital Thermometer -

8) Lexan/Plastic crystal card, metal cards are NOT recommended -

9) 20-30x magnifier -

10) SmartPhone slope angle app -



Avalanche Science Bitacora Field journal

AIARE Diploma, AIARE online material, AIARE field book.

Online material: Avalanche Science PREMIUM online preparation and post course material.

Cancellation Policy: 60% of the course cost can be refunded up to 30 days prior to the course start. No refunds are provided for cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the start of the course for which you are registered.